How to download and compile GOPA32 runtime

Create empty DIR, you can call it GOPA32 (name could be different).

Use the two links below to download GOPASRCS.EXE (source-code and utilities) and GOPAQSS.EXE (c-compiler and linker from QSS – it also contains exebin32.exe). Put both exe-files in the GOPA32 DIR.

Find the GNU/Open-source assembler NASM on the internet. You need the Windows commandline version NASMW.EXE (you can search for that name on a search-engine). Put it in the same DIR.

Execute the two exe-files: GOPASRCS.EXE and GOPAQSS.EXE. They will just extract other files (you can delete the two exe-files after use if you want).

Read the instructions in README.TXT on how to compile and build the GOPA32 runtime kernel (README.TXT is one of the files that are extracted when executing GOPASRCS.EXE).

Rightclick to download sourcecode pack: gopasrcs

Rightclick to download QSS compile and link pack: gopaqss


Your network may not allow you to download exe-files. If that is the case, request your network-administrator to get the files for you.
We can guarantee that our 2 files (GOPASRCS.EXE and GOPAQSS.EXE) does not contain virus or alike.

The third file – NASMW.EXE is widely used for buissness as well as education, and it should be easy to find a safe version from a legal download-site. Simply let a search-engine (google or alike) search for the name NASMW.EXE.

We can tell that the version we have used, has a size of 290.816 bytes and date of 04-06-1999.